Direct Hire

Looking To Hire Direct Into Your Business?

We know recruiting in general can be stressful and recruitment within a specialist industry only compounds this and the more diverse the vacancy the more stressful it can become.

By using industry experts we can take the burden away from you by providing industry leading candidate sourcing products.

The Benefits

Time - The old saying says time is money, the longer it takes to higher somebody the higher the potential cost to your business, R Job Network will do the work and allow you to focus on your other tasks safe in the mind that the leading recruitment experts are sourcing on your behalf.

Knowledge -“ We know by talking to so many recruitment managers that sometimes the world of engineering and other technical industries can seem like a world away, with so many variations of the same kind of job title it can be hard to determine the best way to target relevant candidates.

Reach - As the industry leader we not only have one of the largest engineering based communities of any social or internet site including the likes of LinkedIn but our local and international coverage enables you to use one source for small, medium and extensive recruitment campaigns, safe in the mind that you are working with a results driven business that is used by many of the world's leading companies.

Value For Money - All our recruitment solutions offer the potential for a very high return on investment compared to a number of recruitment channels, making just one successful hire over a 12 month period will cover the cost for 12 months use of our most popular packages compared to most recruitment channels.

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